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 Twelve updated Version

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PostSubject: Twelve updated Version   Tue Aug 04, 2009 11:20 am

Twelve has been updated:
-Standing and crouching parries are in, and can do red parry for both too. It's based off of Necro's parrying code from his Yun only MUCH more accurate to the original sf3's parry setup.
-Most anims save for special attacks had their timing corrected, and in the case of the crouching HK, missing frames added.
-Points where you regain control of him during the recoil point of an attack added in for all basic attacks.
-Added intro vs himself. Tweaked his regular intro a bit to have some more fluidity to it.
-Btw, checked through all his in-game sprites: the commie winpose officially does not exist, it was just a rumor Tongue

Anyway, there will probably be another update down the pike very soon, that should finish up what's left for the basics, N.D.L., and get A.X.E. hitting, aerial parry, and taking care of the rest from there. Hope you like this for now, he should play a lot better.
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Twelve updated Version
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