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 Capcom Vs SNK -=W=- 2.2

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PostSubject: Capcom Vs SNK -=W=- 2.2   Sat Aug 01, 2009 1:51 pm

Basically this is a screenpack that includes a system that makes mugen looks closer to a fullgame and it's an exclusive system for only Warusaki3 CVS style characters (and Zero by Jesuszilla). I did this because I was bored of my normal mugen, plus, I lost it on a HDD crash and I didn't want to start it all over again (I had a 6 months old backup but it sucked...), so I decided to do this which only uses a certain number of characters which can be found in one site (or two with ZERO Tongue).

Remember Kids, Only Warusaki 3 CREATED, not other cvs characters that uses his style, Cvs2 characters are supported, including his King that was recently released. Jesuszillas CvSZero is supported in this as well.

The installation is pretty much the same as before but included in this is a CvsW patcher created by Tunglashor that will patch all characters for the game EXCEPT Habiki and Zero. Those are the only two characters hat will have to be manually edited with the codes. I will explain how in my support thread, Anyway Alot of new tweaks and adjustments were made, New graphical changes as well, anyway I'll stop talking and let you all get to work.

Any issues, there is the support thread on the forums for trouble shooting and bug reporting.


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Capcom Vs SNK -=W=- 2.2
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