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 MacMugen Released

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PostSubject: MacMugen Released   Fri Aug 07, 2009 12:19 am

This is MacMugen for the osx environment

here is the link: - DMG tested on macbook early 2007 with tiger and macbook unibody early 2009 with leopard
(thank you bigboss for uploading this to your site)

Known issues:
-you'll start to get lag at first, but after awhile it should run perfectly

-to install characters, stages, etc.. right click the application and open package contents then navigate here: contents/SharedSupport/cxchromium/support/Chromium/drive_c/Program Files/mwc4h/Winmugen/, and do what you got to do on installing characters, stages, etc..
-to change the language go to options and click on english were the language is
-to remove lag issues go to mugen.cfg in menu and go to the video tab. From right there change the directx mode to hardware. so far its the best thing u can do to get rid of lag

The Story:
so it was mid january i think when i started working on this, when i made a topic a few months ago i was trying to see what the problem was when mugen would not pop up and would crash all of a sudden. after much frustration i finally found the solution, "what if i were to use a launcher so i can launch mugen?" and after that i found Mugen windows configurator which would launch mugen and would also configure many other things involving mugen. After that, i tested it and there was still crash problems. the solution to this was just adding DX9 drivers within the wrapper and now i made a full, working port for the mac community.

Special Thanks:
-The entire Macportingteam for the inspiration and there help
-Codeweavers, for there tremendous efforts in bringing windows software compatibility to us mac users
-and anybody else i forgot

all software, tools, sprites, etc.. that helped me throughout the production of this port belongs to there respectful owners. all i did was just program it.

Enjoy the release

macmugen plus will have to be delayed as i am testing this on a new winewrapper created by doh123 from the team to see which one runs faster at the moment, hopefully it should be released in a short while. my apologies.


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PostSubject: Re: MacMugen Released   Fri Aug 07, 2009 11:24 pm

Woah I'm totally downloading This!
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MacMugen Released
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