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 Fighter Factory Ultimate *updated

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PostSubject: Fighter Factory Ultimate *updated   Sun Aug 16, 2009 1:33 pm

Posted by Virtualltek a while back..
Quote :

Well, time does not post news, so here goes:
- The program is almost ready.
- Scrolling with mouse scroll in publishers SFF and AIR.
- Option to rotate the image in the image editor (without the danger of being a part out or have to set the center as in previous versa)
- Option to create an animation from the creator pitches instead of having to make a prompt before.
- Auto complete 100%. Add SCtrls just typing his name and pressing Ctrl + J.
- Onion Skin
- Button to clear all CLSNs
- Templates of states (as in the previous version, but in a separate window)

Languages to be included in FFU...

English, Spanish, Valencian, European Portuguese, French, Urdu, German, Chinese, Romanian, Polish, and Dutch.

The ones that haven't been started yet are...

Japanese, Korean, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Croatian, Arabic, Netherlands, and Turkish.

What's to be added & improved in this version...

- Improved Interface
- Performance is incredibly superior
- Less memory consumption
- Possibility of opening up to 12 chars in the same window
- Almost all functions accessible via shortcut keys
- The Esc key closes a window
- Customizable (possibility to enable or disable some recursor, usually messages of confirmation)
- Possibility to hide the panel of the editor to increase the space
- Format of the programs for chars (all except in a single file with compression - average 50% reduction)
- Zoom up to 8X
- New system of languages, much lighter and faster
- Test of char in MUGEN improved
- New organizer
- Confirmation of overwrite in all operations to save

- Possibility to comment a line, unchecking a check box (for snd valley, st, intro, ending, states and palettes)

- Customizable background image
- Movement of the image according to the zoom
- Buttons to go to the next or previous group
- Option palette of the image does not change the previous image
- Function optimize for DOS and Win Mugen
- Cut and optimize all the images 1000x faster than the previous version
- Axis-shaped buttons on adding sprites
- Ruler on one side to increase the space
- Export and import a whole SFF (own format and SprMaker)
- Possibility to save the current image, all, a group of images, range images of a group
- Image Editor

- Inclusion of the editor of pallets in the main window
- Increased floor area
- All functions apply to both the image and the char palette, chosen by the user
- Possibility to choose whether he will replace the palette or the image to adapt it
- Enhanced Function mask
- Just click on the image he selects the color without the need to activate an additional button
- Effects RGB Hue and improved, with the option of applying or permanently reset and ignore the changes
- RGB Effect will not work for value and dragging the Barrinha
- Option to replace a color by clicking it twice
- Function that puts gradient in the range of selected colors
- Removal of duplicate colors in the palette
- Generate optimized palette for the image
- Inserts in palette images with option to use the Clean PCX
- Generate optimized palette from multiple images
- Movement of the image according to the zoom

- Display of real-time transparency in the editor
- New alignment system, equal to the SFF in order to standardize and facilitate the use
- Movement of the image according to the zoom
- New system for generating animated GIF (positions and scales the image correctly, not cutting the feet or the head like before)
- Preview of sprites on thumbnail for rapid creation of animations
- Resizing and repositioning of CLSN 1px directional buttons at once by

- Allows you to set the group and add sound
- Conversion of bitrate and number of channels made by the program
- System for enhanced Resample using the library LibSampleRate
- Display information on the correct sound WAVE
- Find sound
- Delete Group
- Possibility of individual sounds Resampler
- Possibility to save the current sound, all, a group of sounds, range of sounds of a group

- Display list of states with number and name
- Allows to navigate the state by double-clicking an item from the list
- New syntax coloring
- New editing system (standard in the text editors)

- System auto complete with support for functions with parameters (shows possible options or monitoring the switch current)
- System auto complete with the addition of SCtrls from a shortcut key
- Templates for SCtrls
- List of StateDefs
- Editor of PalFX
- Viewer Offset
- List of Vars


Keyboard Shortcuts

This list has all the keyboard shortcuts of the Fighter Factory Ultimate. (Posted by Virtualltek, originally, on their forum...)

Options (preferences) - Ctrl + P
New char - Ctrl+N
Close char - Ctrl+W
Open char - Ctrl+O
Save char - Ctrl+S
Save char as- F12
Save all - Ctrl+F12
About - F1
Switch between editors - Ctrl+Tab
Hide or show the panel of the editor - Ctrl+Alt+P
Languages - Ctrl+L
Execute in WinMugen - F9
Execute in DOSMugen - F10

Toolbar (editors):
New - Ctrl+Shit+N
Open - Ctrl+Shift+O
Save - Ctrl+Shift+S
Save as - Ctrl+Alt+S ou Ctrl+Shift+F12


- Sprites:
Add sprite - Ctrl+Shift+A
Delete sprite - Ctrl+Shift+Del
Next sprite - Ctrl+Alt+Right
Previous Sprite - Ctrl+Alt+Left
More zoom - Ctrl+Alt+Z
Less zoom - Ctrl+Shift+Z
Next group - Ctrl+Alt+G
Previous Group - Ctrl+Shift+G
Move image 1 pixel up - Ctrl+Shift+Up
Move image 1 pixel down - Ctrl+Shift+Down
Move image 1 pixel left - Ctrl+Shift+Left
Move image 1 pixel right- Ctrl+Shift+Right
Change image - Ctrl+Shift+T
Save image - Ctrl+Shift+I
Duplicate sprite - Ctrl+Shift+D
Find sprite - Ctrl+Shift+F
Crop sprite - Ctrl+Shift+C
Crop all sprites - Ctrl+Alt+C
Optimize sprites - Ctrl+Alt+O
Delete group - Ctrl+Shift+X
Organizer - Ctrl+Shift+M
Export sprites - Ctrl+Alt+E
Import sprites - Ctrl+Alt+I

- Palettes
Switch edit mode - Ctrl+Shift+E
Switch view mode - Ctrl+Alt+E
Open image - Ctrl+Shift+T
Save image - Ctrl+Shift+I
Send selection to another palette - Ctrl+Shift+M
Send colors to another palette - Ctrl+Alt+M
Color intervall in gradient - Ctrl+Shift+G
Remove duplicated colors - Ctrl+Shift+C
Optimize palette - Ctrl+Alt+O
Generate palete from images - Ctrl+Alt+G
Insert palette in images - Ctrl+Shift+P
Next char palette - Ctrl+Alt+Right
Previous char palette - Ctrl+Alt+Left

- Animations
Next animation - Ctrl+Alt+Right
Previous animation - Ctrl+Alt+Left
Move image 1 pixel up - Ctrl+Shift+Up
Move image 1 pixel down - Ctrl+Shift+Down
Move image 1 pixel left - Ctrl+Shift+Left
Move image 1 pixel right - Ctrl+Shift+Right
Edit tex of the action - Ctrl+Shift+E
Create animated GIF - Ctrl+Shift+G
Find - Ctrl+Shift+F
Play animation - Ctrl+Shift+P
Stop animation - Ctrl+Alt+A
AddCLSN 1 - Ctrl+Shift+1
Add CLSN 2 - Ctrl+Shift+2
Change CLSN type - Ctrl+Shift+3
Switch between normal and default - Ctrl+Shift+4
Delete CLSN - Ctrl+Del
CLSN of the previous frame - Ctrl+Shift+5
Organizer - Ctrl+Shift+M
Repeat current time in all frames - Ctrl+Shift+T
Repeat current tinversion in all frames - Ctrl+Shift+I
Repeat current color in all frames - Ctrl+Shift+C

- Sounds
Next sound - Ctrl+Alt+Right
Previous Sound - Ctrl+Alt+Left
Play - Ctrl+Shift+P
Stop- Ctrl+Alt+A
Play with loop - Ctrl+Shift+L
Change sound - Ctrl+Shift+T
Save sound - Ctrl+Shift+I
Duplicate - Ctrl+Shift+D
Find - Ctrl+Shift+F
Delete group - Ctrl+Shift+X
Organizer - Ctrl+Shift+M

- Commands
Find - Ctrl+F
Replace - Ctrl+R
Cut - Ctrl+X
Copy - Ctrl+C
Paste - Ctrl+V
Undo - Ctrl+Z
Redo- Ctrl+Shift+Z

- Constantes
Next constants file - Ctrl+Alt+Right
Previous constants file - Ctrl+Alt+Left
Find - Ctrl+F
Replace - Ctrl+R
Cut - Ctrl+X
Copy - Ctrl+C
Paste - Ctrl+V
Undo - Ctrl+Z
Redo- Ctrl+Shift+Z
Editor de PalFX - Ctrl+Shift+P
Offset viewer - Ctrl+Alt+O
Generate Vars list - Ctrl+Shift+V

This is originally posted by ATICE, Just though I should share it.


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Fighter Factory Ultimate *updated
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