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 Hyper Gate Lee

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Male Lvl : 225
Tokens : 100519
Subscribe : 19
Location : Devil Lair

Hyper Gate Lee Empty
PostSubject: Hyper Gate Lee   Hyper Gate Lee EmptyTue Aug 04, 2009 7:05 pm

Hyper Gate Lee TSRockLee
Hyper Gate Lee Lee2 Hyper Gate Lee Lee3
Hyper Gate Lee Lee1 Hyper Gate Lee Lee4
This project is made by Pinwheel will be hosted at my site

This Rock lee is at a 20% with lots of ability like; Gate of Life, Mad dance of Infinity, Primary Lotus, and more, When this Char goes on Gate of Life his life will keep shorten till it reaches 1 hp. When you double tap left or right he will automatic teleport to the end distance map.
The hitsparks will be edited so don't go complain that he has gay hitsparks.. or others..
Hyper Gate Lee will be basic a melee character with no shurikens don't worry this character will be worth it for not having any ^_^.

Hyper Gate Lee Finally-4
Hyper Gate Lee 85wv5no-1
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Hyper Gate Lee
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