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 Team Mercenaries Rules

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Team Mercenaries Rules Empty
PostSubject: Team Mercenaries Rules   Team Mercenaries Rules EmptyWed Aug 05, 2009 9:36 pm

Team Mercenaries Rules Rules-1
You may not have more than 2 signatures on your profile.
Do not have any nude picture on your signature at all cost.

Post in the correct board
This is really not too much to ask. If you are new please look through all the rules first before blindly and randomly posting in the first board you click on, as I've seen done so many times. You should be able to figure out which board to post in by simply looking through the rules and their descriptions,

Read the Announcement in each board before posting there
The Announcement are there to help you. If you ignore them you will end up with a warning or even banned. Most boards only have two or three Announcement, and if one of them says "Rules", "Must Read" or "Read Before Posting", I'd read at least that one if you're too lazy or illiterate to read the others. If there is a table with rules or guidelines at the top of the page in a board, you'd best read that too,

This includes the PM system. Linking to external links with To bad or others submitting premade resources is considered advertising.

Team Mercenaries Rules Finally-4
Team Mercenaries Rules 85wv5no-1
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Team Mercenaries Rules
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