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 Guild creation Rules

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Guild creation Rules Empty
PostSubject: Guild creation Rules   Guild creation Rules EmptyFri Aug 14, 2009 8:53 pm

Guild Create
When you create a guild no sexual name's (examples= To bad,Sex those kind of names will not work

No fighting in the guild.

We all joke around. People should not take things that other guild members say personally. It’s a joke. If you feel that someone is making personal attacks at you out of spite, let an officer know. Yes, it’s elementary but these are the conditions that the guild is forced to implement to keep things sane as we grow. It has not become a big issue yet, but I can see it causing big drama later down the road if this isn’t dealt with right now. Fight with pugs, not guild mates.


These are the new “guild rules” that everyone must follow. The officers and I believe that with these rules in place it will keep the guild friendly, fun, and most of all fair. It will also help clear up the confusion that some of you may have had in the guild. If you are still confused about an issue you can always message any off the officers ranked “death stalker” and above.

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Guild creation Rules
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