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 RPG Character Sheet

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PostSubject: RPG Character Sheet   RPG Character Sheet EmptySun Aug 16, 2009 5:14 pm

Here are all the steps to create a character sheet!

A character sheet gathers infos for role playing games. It contains several fields (name, level, tribe, hit points, school, etc.) and a picture. Field of the character sheet cannot be updated automatically, they have to be modified by the game-master or an admin, respectively the user himself.


"Admin Panel => Modules => Roleplay Game => Fields Management" -> Set "Display the Character Sheet" to YES. Once saved, the RPG mode is activated.


"Admin Panel => Modules => Roleplay Game => Fields Management"

This page summarizes all fields already created. It's possible to delete or edit them, or change their display order. Click on "Add a field" to create a new entry in the character sheet of all members.

You will have the following options:

* Field Name: As the name implies already, this is the label of that field.
* Order: The value 1 would make that field appear at the very top of the character sheet. 50 would be displayed at the very bottom. Everything else accordingly in between.
* Default Value: When a member generates his sheet, the field will have this value by default.
* Modifiable by the member: If ticked, the member can modify the field themselves.
* Visible in the forums: If ticked, this field will appear in posts, under the avatar. You cannot display more than three fields there.
* Type: Explained below...

The 5 field types are :

* Text field: It's simple text, in one line. Useful for a name, age, the departure place, etc.
* Bar: Useful for hit points, magic points
* Choice list: It's a list of circular tickable checkboxes. Useful for the character's tribe, his/her class, etc. Then you have to fill up all the choices, one by one (maximum : 15) and define one default choice.
* Text/list: It's text on several lines. Useful for the character's description, a list of all spells the character knows for example.
* Table: Creates a table. You can add columns and lines. To delete an already added line or column, delete the text of the respective entry and click "add/remove".

3. Further customize a field's appearance!

"Admin Panel => Modules => Roleplay Game => Fields Style"

This page summarizes the styles of all fields. To change a field's style -> Click on "Edit" of the appropriate field.

The style of each field can be modified: color, associated picture, position in the character sheet (left or right). You can also put different bars or define a color or a picture for each choice in a choice list (and choose to display the picture, the text or both)

This is how it could look in a members profile:

4. To view/to generate the character sheet

To generate a character sheet, a member must log in, click on "Profile" in the navigation links above, then on Character Sheet. If his/her character sheet hasn't been created yet, it will be proposed to him/her to do it in his profile as well. He/she can then fill up all modifiable fields. In the forum, the character sheet can be visible in his/her profile or in a message he/she posted (under the avatar).

An admin can also manually activate a character sheet by going to:
"Admin Panel => Modules => Roleplay Game => Generate the sheets"

An overview of all activated character sheets, to quickly modify them, can be found in:
"Admin Panel => Modules => Roleplay Game => Character sheets"


You have the option to roll a dice when posting that returns a random number or a random image.

"Modules / Roleplay Game / Dices Roll" >> set "Activate the roll of dices" to YES

There is by default a dice created at the time of activation (simple dice with 6 faces).


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RPG Character Sheet
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